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  • A system developed by the French to regulate the authenticity of their finest wines. Appellation applies specifically to the region where the grapes were grown. The French also regulate what grapes can be grown where; what winemaking methods can be used; how large the yields can be; etc. Other countries have adopted their own versions of controlled appellations with varying success.
  Cabernet Franc
  • Superior red wine grape variety not unlike Cabernet Sauvignon, preferring slightly cooler growing areas. A wine with more aggressive tannins, but with huge potential. Used in the wines of Bordeaux, particularly wines of Pomerol, Saint-Emilion and Medoc. Also grown in Italy and California.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
  • A noble red-wine grape variety characterized by intensity and acidity. Used to create the magnificent blended wines of the Bordeaux region of France, and rival reds of the Sonoma and Napa counties of northern California, best drunk mature at five to ten years.
  Classified Growth (Cru Classé)
  • French legalese meaning referring to a vineyard historically identified as being of exceptional quality. One of the 62 reds wines and 25 white sweet wines that were ranked (or classified) by quality in 1855. Other classifications have been done over the years for other French districts.
  • Very good red-wine grape that produces smooth, plummy, mellow reds, often a key component of Bordeaux blends, and in California successfully grown as a varietal of its own accord. The darling of many red-wine drinkers. Black cherry and herbal flavors are also typical.
  • Village of the Haut-Medoc in Bordeaux region, famed for producing some of the finest and longest-lasting red wine in the world.
  Petit Verdot
  • Red wine grape, fine quality but a minor player in the Bordeaux blend.
  • A naturally occurring substance found in grape skins, seeds and stems or sometimes from oak barrels, that gives wine its astringency. A necessary component of wine that is to be aged.

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